Lived experience of anxiety and NVLD at the National Education Summit

Lived Experience of Anxiety and NVLD at the National Education Summit

Lived Experience of Anxiety and NVLD at the National Education Summit All Our Pixie Friends supporters can apply the discount code OPIF10 to receive 10% off the registration! Click here to register now. Siobhan, now 14, was diagnosed with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) at the age of 2. Complex

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Teachers Sharing Ideas

This great photo shows how the class moves the ambulance around Sprizzletania as they listen to the blogs. They add a simple message from that character as a speech bubble. Thank you. At Our Pixie Friends, we believe it’s not just the kids who can help each other, but parents and teachers can also help

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Family Tensions Around Food Allergies

Food Allergies – When Family and Friends Don’t Understand “I’ll just give them a bit and see what happens.” “A little bit won’t hurt.” “You just want attention.” “You’re just choosing not to eat things.” These are all comments people have been heard to say about kids with food allergies. These are particularly scary when

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Sensory ‘Destressors’

Sensory ‘Destressors’   Following are a range of ideas for using the senses to assist with anxiety and meltdowns or help with emotional regulation. Once your child is calm, you can discuss what happened and what they were feeling. It is important that they learn to label their emotions to communicate to you if they

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My Experience – Parenting a Child with Anxiety

Just in case you thought life didn’t bring sufficient challenges, you are gifted with a child who suffers from anxiety….and now so do you as the parent. Worrying about your anxious child is par for the course. That is my experience. Over many years of trying to help my daughter with her anxiety, I have

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Food Allergies Can Lead to Social Isolation

Birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween, barbecues, dinner parties, weddings … all these celebrations involve food. In every culture around the globe, food is a central component of social celebrations and something to look forward to … for most people. Not so for those of us with food allergies or parenting a child with food allergies. Is

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