Code of Conduct

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd

Our Commitment

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd is committed to behaving with honesty and integrity. We will always act ethically and morally towards our shareholders, employees, volunteers, contractors, customers, families, the general community and the environment and anyone with whom we have business dealings. This is over and above any statutory requirements and applies to every aspect of the business.

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd will always act in a fair, responsible, open and accountable manner. This code of conduct must be adhered to by all staff, volunteers, contractors and shareholders. 

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd is committed to improving the lives of children, so all staff, volunteers, contractors and suppliers where applicable, will uphold the highest values. They must always be good role models for children in appearance, speech and behaviour.

Expectations of Management and All Staff, Volunteers and Contractors

Open Communication:  Promote and encourage open lines of communication between all levels of staff, management, suppliers and customers. This includes being open to listen to others’ ideas and suggestions, although there is no requirement by management to take on board any suggestions.

Quality of Life: Recognise the impact this workplace has on the quality of life of its staff and customers and embrace all reasonable opportunities to improve this.

Sexual Harassment and Bullying: We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of bullying or sexual harassment including inuendoes and suggestive comments, gestures or actions.

Respect: Always respect staff, customers and anyone with whom we have business dealings and never discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, sexuality, or personal values.

Dress Standard: All staff will be attired in appropriate clothing that adequately covers their body. (Appropriate to the task they are performing i.e. if packing goods for shipment, casual clothing is appropriate; if attending formal gatherings representing the company, then formal attire is expected.) No midriff, low cut or revealing tops or high cut pants at any time. No items of clothing with inappropriate messages will be permitted. This is a company for children so all clothing must be suitable for children. Closed in shoes must be worn for safety.

Language: Profanity, inuendoes, racial remarks or jokes and put-downs are not appropriate in the workplace or on any social media or websites associated with the company.

Mobile Phone and Social Media Use: Mobile phones are part of our lives and it is understood that they are needed for emergencies and staying in touch with families and friends. Employees are expected to limit their mobile phone use during working hours. Keeping the phone close by to accept calls regarding sick relatives is appropriate. However, excessive use of social media or private emails during working hours is not acceptable. On social media, the good reputation of the company must always be upheld. Employees are asked to be aware of this when posting items related to the business especially on their social media sites. The company reserves the right to check employees’ social media sites.

Internet and E-mail Use: The company has the right to monitor internet and company e-mail usage. Company computers are to be used for company business only. No bad language or inappropriate comments, images or websites are permitted. Any form of cyber-bullying, including derogatory comments, inappropriate images or put-downs will not be tolerated. Breaches of this condition may be grounds for instant dismissal.

Confidentiality: All staff are required to maintain confidentiality and not disclose any business plans or ideas, marketing strategies or any other information which would be regarded as confidential to any other party. It is expected that employees will be loyal to the company and not use any of the company’s ideas to start a rival company or disclose any ideas to others. (See Confidentiality Agreement)

Privacy: All staff, volunteer, contractor and customer details (including names, addresses, e-mails, bank accounts, contact details and other personal information) are private and are not to be shared with any other company or person except where required by law.

Punctuality: All employees are expected to be at work for their paid hours. Time sheets will be used, and staff are expected to honestly log their hours on these. They must also record break times.

Use of Drugs and Alcohol: As we are a company for children, excessive consumption of alcohol or taking drugs during working hours, outside hours, or arriving to work in an unfit state, may be grounds for immediate dismissal. The only exception to this would be consuming 1-2 glasses of alcohol at corporate functions, but excessive consumption of alcohol is not permitted. Drug use in a company promoting the well-being of children is unacceptable.

Criminal Charges: All staff accept that they will be monitored via criminal history checks. If a staff member has been charged with an offence, it is expected that they will notify the Director immediately. Failure to do so may result in dismissal. The staff member may be dismissed if the charge is contrary to this company’s standards as outlined in this Code of Conduct or any other company policy. That decision will be at the discretion of the Director.

Working with Children: All staff members who have direct contact with children must hold a current Blue Card, be a registered teacher in Queensland or similar.

Use of Company Property: Company property is for use by the company. We are trying to raise money to help children so cannot afford for staff to take property home. If for any reason, you wish to borrow company property, or require something, please contact the Director.

Sickness: If you are unwell, please consider other staff and stay home. Contact the Director as soon as you know you will be away so a replacement can be found, or other arrangements made. Because we are a company for sick children, we are very considerate of them and their families. If leave is required to care for family members, please notify the Director as soon as possible.

Leave Policy: Two weeks’ notice is required for any planned leave. Staff are requested to consider busy times for the company and try to schedule holidays around these whenever possible.

Resignation: Two weeks’ notice is required for resignations to allow time to find a suitable replacement.

Grievances: If, at any time, an issue arises with staff, suppliers or customers, that cannot be settled quickly, please notify the Director. Issues that are dealt with quickly help to create a happy workplace, whereas issues that are not handled, can destroy rapport. The sooner the Director is notified, the sooner the issue can be resolved. Be aware that sometimes management need to make decisions in the best interest of the company that you may not agree with.

Dismissal: Because we are a company working to better the lives of children, we have a strict code of conduct and high expectations of behaviour and moral conduct. If these are not upheld, the staff member may be given one formal warning in writing. A further transgression will result in termination of employment.

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd aims to create a fun, happy workplace. By working together and treating everyone with respect, this can be achieved.

Our Expectations

It is an expectation that all staff will be informed of this company policy on commencement of employment. It is also an expectation that any employees, volunteers, contractors or supply chain workers notify a company Director immediately if they become aware of, or suspect, any breach in these standards without fear of reprisal. Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd will support anyone who raises genuine concerns in good faith, even in circumstances where it transpires that those concerns are mistaken.

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