Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our Commitment

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd is committed to behaving with honesty and integrity. We will always act ethically and morally towards our shareholders, employees, volunteers, contractors, customers, families, the general community and the environment and anyone with whom we have business dealings. This is over and above any statutory requirements and applies to every aspect of the business.

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd will always act in a fair, responsible, open and accountable manner. This policy must be adhered to by all staff, volunteers, contractors and shareholders. 

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd will strive to enhance the lives of staff, business associates, and the community wherever reasonably possible. The core of our business is improving the lives of children with medical needs, and their families, so this will always be given the highest priority. Donations of goods to ambulances and hospitals, and monetary donations to medical research will be given when the company attains adequate profits to achieve this goal. 100% of donations specifically given towards medical research will be used for this purpose only, with the only deduction being to cover income tax obligations in relation to this income.

Expectations of Management and All Staff, Volunteers and Contractors

Ethical Suppliers:  Only deal with suppliers who provide fair and legal pay rates and working conditions. (See Fair Work and Anti-Slavery Policy)

Fair Treatment:  Ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all staff.

Quality of Life: Recognise the impact this workplace has on the quality of life of its staff and customers and embrace all reasonable opportunities to improve this.

Criminal History Check: The company takes responsibility for ensuring all staff employed have undergone a criminal history check. No person who has a criminal history or has had indecent dealings with children will be employed.

Sexual Harassment and Bullying: We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of bullying or sexual harassment including inuendoes and suggestive comments, gestures or actions.

Fair Reward for Work:  Ensure fair pay and reward for work carried out considering difficulty of tasks and value to the business.

Be Grateful: Gratefully acknowledge all donations of money, time or expertise by generous members of the community.

Honest Accountability: All accounts will be maintained honestly with only legitimate expenses being claimed. All taxes, superannuation, GST and other payments will be paid on time.

Respect: Always respect staff, customers and anyone with whom we have business dealings and never discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, sexuality, or personal values.

Privacy:  Privacy is expected from all staff in relation to the any dealings within the workplace that could reasonably be assumed to be confidential, especially with respect to customer’s privacy.

Nondisclosure: All staff will be expected to maintain integrity by not sharing, distributing, copying or replicating any business ideas, marketing strategies, character or web/app ideas or any other business information which would be regarded as confidential.

Loyalty:  Loyalty is expected from staff particularly when presented with an opportunity to affect the dealing or reputation of the business either within or outside the workplace, including on social media platforms.

Dealing with People

Quality:  Maintain high quality standards and professionalism in all dealings with customers.

Honesty / Transparency:  Always be honest and transparent with customers particularly in relation to price, quality of goods and expected delivery times.  If any issues arise with a purchase order, notify the customer as soon as possible and be honest about the problem and the expected outcome.

Pleasant Dealings:  Make all dealings with customers and suppliers as easy and pleasurable as possible for the customer.  Always be polite, respectful and as prompt as possible.

On-Time Payment: Make all payments to suppliers within agreed terms and time frames.

Maintaining a Sustainable Environment

Electricity usage: Minimise the use of electricity by turning off lights, computers and other devices when not in use.

Water usage: All staff are expected to minimise water wastage whenever possible, especially when washing out paint pots used during research and development activities, or after school visits, whether onsite or at schools and child care centres.

Paper usage: Because much of our work involves illustrations, draft activities and writings, scrap paper is to be kept and used on both sides before being recycled.

Minimise plastics: Packaging of items will be in paper, cardboard or other recyclable materials whenever possible. All the plastic bottles for paints and Magic Pixie Crystals are recyclable.

Our Expectations

It is an expectation that all staff will be informed of this company policy on commencement of employment. It is also an expectation that any employees, volunteers, contractors or supply chain workers notify a company Director immediately if they become aware of, or suspect, any breach in these standards without fear of reprisal. Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd will support anyone who raises genuine concerns in good faith, even in circumstances where it transpires that those concerns are mistaken.

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