Environmental Policy

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd

Environmental Policy

Our Commitment

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd is committed to operating in a manner which is respectful to our environment and which enhances sustainability of our earth’s resources.

The environment will be given high priority in planning and everyday business activities. Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd endeavours to preserve and protect our planet for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our Objectives

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws.
  • Promote a culture of responsible environmental impact and policies.
  • Consider and openly discuss environmental impact and policies when planning activities.
  • Protect the natural environment.
  • Favour suppliers and products that have strong environmental policies and environmentally friendly products and procedures when possible.
  • Continually strive to improve our environmental performance.

Our Strategies

  • Paper Usage – We minimise the amount of paper wastage by reusing scrap paper when practical. Printing errors will be kept in a scrap pile for use rather than being discarded.
  • Printer Cartridge & Drum Usage – We limit the use of colour printing and print when necessary or advisable. Email and text messaging will be used when possible, to minimise printing wastage.
  • Electricity Usage – We strive to charge computers when necessary, not leave them plugged in and turned on constantly. Lights are turned off immediately on exiting the area.
  • Enviro Friendly Computer Options & Functions – We maximise the use of power saving functions for daily computer usage.
  • Environmentally Friendly Products – We encourage environmental sustainability via products which can be reused e.g. lunch containers and stainless steel drink bottles (not BPA containing plastics)
  • Postage products – items of merchandise will be posted using recyclable paper and cardboard rather than plastic when possible. If plastics are used, these will be recyclable.
  • Rubbish – We recycle waste correctly and encourage a reduction in the quantity of rubbish.

Our Pixie Friends Pty Ltd recognises and accepts that it is the responsibility of management and all staff to take whatever steps are reasonably possible to protect and improve our environment. We will continually strive to identify issues and implement policies to reduce our environmental impact.

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