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King Jedrik

I like: lying in the fairy floss trees

I don’t like: swings

My favourite food is: Fairy Floss Muffins

My favourite colour is: red

I am good at: solving problems (especially when a grown-up has accidentally seen a pixie)

I am not good at: craft

One thing I find challenging is: listening to Queen Pearl when she asks me to come down out of the trees

King Jedrik's Blog

“Be happy with who you are”

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Hey! Hello there! I’m King Jedrik. How are you?

I want to tell you how fantastic you are. You are an amazing, incredible, wonderful, awesome person. You are so special that there is only one of you in the whole universe! That means you are unique – a one and only. No-one else in the whole world is exactly like you – even if you are a twin or triplet, you have your own mind, your own ideas and your own feelings. You are special and loved. You need to love yourself too, just the way you are. You don’t have to do anything special or try to fit in with others.

Believe in yourself. Don’t let others bring you down. Know that you can overcome any put-downs and withstand any bullies if you just believe that you are special. Love yourself for who you are. You are great! So be positive and have fun!

All Our Pixie Friends believe in you and we would love to hear about what makes you so special. Why don’t you write and tell us all about you? What do you like? I love climbing the fairy floss trees (and eating them). I also enjoy racing Paizo and the other pixies on our flying bunnies. What do you do to have fun? What makes you happy? What do you and your friends do together? What are your favourite games and activities? You could create your own profile or even draw or paint a picture of yourself and send it to us, showing us what makes you happy. But don’t forget to check with your parents or carers before you send it and don’t put your real name on it … only your pixie name.

You can send your pictures and stories to us at: [email protected]

King Jedrick's Meditation

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