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Sakaela the Sneezy Pixie

I like: toadstool seats and headbands

I don’t like: acorns

My favourite food is: Sweet Potato Pie

My favourite colour is: pink

I am good at: basket-making and reading

I am not good at: counting

One thing I find challenging is: staying away from flowers because they are so beautiful (but they make me sneeze)


Sakaela's Blog

“What it's like to have allergies and need nasal spray”

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Hello. My name is Sakaela.

I love being a Pixie Friend. It’s great knowing my friends accept me just the way I am. I often get the sneezes because I am allergic to flowers and there are lots of them in Sprizzletania.

When it is spring here, I have to take antihistamines every day and I need nasal spray. Ooohhh it feels so funny. Afterwards, I just wipe my nose gently. I don’t blow my nose, so I don’t blow the spray back out. Although it’s uncomfortable at first, it’s okay after a couple of minutes. It helps me not sneeze and sniffle.

Sometimes I get a blocked nose and I talk funny, but other times I get a really runny nose and it drips like a tap. When it drips, I have to use tissues and my mummy reminds me to put them in the bin and wash my hands. Queen Pearl said it’s because you don’t want to spread germs. I’ll bet you are old enough to put your tissues in the bin and wash your hands yourself, without needing to be reminded.

Sometimes my eyes get itchy and watery too. My Pixie Friends are great. They never make fun of me when I’m having a bad time with my allergies. They even remind me to use my nasal spray because I forget. They wait for me while I have it and then we go and play together. We have lots of fun. My favourite thing to play on is the Rainbow Ribbon Slide.

What do you like to play with your friends? Why don’t you write and tell me? (But check with your parent or carer first and don’t put your real name on it. Write your cool pixie name instead.) You can send it to me at [email protected]