Prisha the Perfect Pixie

July 3, 2021

Thank you Eve for this great story.

Prisha the Perfect Pixie.

Once upon a time in Sprizzletania there lived a Pixie called Prisha. Everyone called Prisha a perfect pixie as her house was always clean and tidy. It was always clean because Prisha had something called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD for short. This made her think that everything had to be clean and neat. If it wasn’t clean, she would get scared and frightened.

But one day, Prisha came home from going to the Art Gallery, and her house was very, very messy!

Then she saw a little baby rabbit. It was running through the house looking for its mother. So she put it outside for it to find it’s Mummy, and looked at her house. It was messy. How was she going to clean it up?

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