Siobhan Wilson: Inspirational Speaker

Siobhan Wilson Inspirational Speaker

Siobhan Wilson

Keynote, Platform & Inspirational Speaker

Siobhan’s journey as a speaker has taken her to various events, where she shares her insights with audiences both large and small. Her captivating presence, honed speaking skills, and the ability to move and inspire make her a standout choice for your event.

Whether you’re organising a corporate conference, educational workshop, or any gathering where a powerful message is essential, Siobhan brings a unique blend of youthful energy and profound wisdom. 

Siobhan’s speeches not only command attention but also leave a lasting impact, encouraging audiences to take action, gain new perspectives, and embrace positive change.

Captivating Audiences with Inspirational Talks

Versatile Speaker:

Siobhan is more than a speaker; she’s a creator of captivating moments tailored just for you. From whimsical, magical book readings to dynamic workshops on creativity, entrepreneurship, and coping with life’s challenges, Siobhan brings a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Customised Presentations for Your Special Event:

Siobhan takes great care to tailor each presentation in collaboration with you to meet your specific needs and requirements. This commitment ensures that every event becomes an unforgettable journey, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

For Young Minds:

  • Magical book readings with optional fun pixie hunts
  • Author talks – The journey from ideation to publication
  • Creative thinking workshops- Fostering imagination
  • Entrepreneurial workshops – Leave young minds buzzing with possibilities
  • Presentations on topics you require such as: ‘It’s Okay to be Different’, ‘Don’t Let Being Young Stop You’, ‘How To Be a Good Friend’ and ‘Be Kind and Inclusive’.

For Teenagers:

  • Entrepreneurial presentations or workshops
  • Insights into the self-publishing author’s pathway
  • ‘Creative Characters’ workshops
  • Presentations on topics you require such as: ‘Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Your Dreams’, ‘Practical Strategies to Care for Your Mental Health’, ‘Disability and Inclusion’, ‘Being the Best You’ and ‘Defining Success’.

For Adult Groups:

  • My Story: Sprinkling Pixie Magic in the Community
  • Journey from Trauma to Resilience: Practical Strategies to Care for Your Mental Health
  • Lived experiences of Hidden Disabilities: How to Encourage Inclusivity
  • Lived Experience of Overcoming Depression: My Pathway to Healing
  • NVLD: Heightening Awareness in Australia
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Disability and Inclusion: How to Support Your Child
  • Insights into the self-publishing process
  • ‘Creative Characters’ workshops
  • Presentations on other topics you require such as: ‘Overcoming Adversity to Achieve Your Dreams’, ‘Being the Best You’ and ‘Defining Success’.

For Educators:

  • Sprinkling Pixie Magic in Your Classroom: How our Pixie Friends Supports the Curriculum
  • Journey from Trauma to Resilience: Practical Strategies to Care for Children’s Mental Health
  • Is it ASD, ADHD or NVLD? NVL … What? – Heightening Awareness of NVLD in Australia
  • Recognising and Managing Anxiety in Young Children
  • Presentations on other topics you require.

Testimonials: Voices of Inspiration and Impact

It was lovely to meet you at the ECTA conference. I’ve just had a chance to look at your website… it’s delightful! I’ll be sure to share with any educators who are supporting children with medical needs. I’ve also followed your Facebook. It’s a really beautiful program. Love your work.

A participant in our Big Dreamers personal development program, Siobhan facilitated a session for her fellow participants on ‘entrepreneurship as a young person’ at one of our workshops. Siobhan was inspiring, well-spoken and everyone enjoyed her personable and engaging style. Siobhan was also a pleasure to work with, as she took the time to listen and understand what would work best for our program. Siobhan’s energy and passion is contagious, and she made it a very special day!

My name is Andrew & I’m the Special Guest Coordinator for Radio Lollipop at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. I am a huge fan of your whole idea of the pixie friends! This is amazing!

Also, our friends in UK are looking over your stories on the website for inclusion into our global library. What this means, is your audio books will be included in rotation and played to over thirty hospitals around the world on ”Non-Stop Lollipop”, which is the radio stream playing on the entertainment systems at kid’s bedsides in hospitals when they aren’t broadcasting their local shows at each hospital! Each studio around the world will also have the opportunity to play your stories during their show as well! Exciting!

Keep up the great work, Siobhan!

Your speech was fantastic! It was just the right length for young children and your voice was full of enthusiasm. You had some of the teachers in tears.

You spoke so well Siobhan Wilson. It was great to hear you speak so passionately about your work and vision. We’ve had so much fun working with you over the years including THE VERY FIRST YES!!! Looking forward to having you take the main stage at YES Redlands next week to share your story!!!

Cherie Eilertsen

Ethan Donati

Melinda Hird

Taryn Spray

Connect and Collaborate for an Unforgettable Event

Siobhan’s talks are not just presentations; they are invitations to create unforgettable moments. Get ready to inspire, engage, and leave your audience spellbound. Every story told and every insight shared is a brushstroke of pixie magic, creating an indelible mark on hearts and minds. Don’t miss the chance to make your event truly magical – Book Siobhan now!

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