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Dondrelle the Deaf Pixie

I like: Going to the Sprizzletania beach.

I don’t like: When pixies leave me out of games just because I can’t hear them.

My favourite food is: Pearl Surprise

My favourite colour is: Orange

I am good at: Doing cartwheels.

I am not good at: Drawing.

One thing I find challenging is: Letting other pixies know how I feel.

Dondrelle the Deaf Pixie's Blog

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Siobhan: Dondrelle! Dondrelle! Dondrellllleee??

Sakaela: Why isn’t she talking to you? She’s a bit rude.

Siobhan: I don’t know…

Dondrelle: Oh… were you talking to me?

Siobhan: Pardon?

Dondrelle: Siobhan? Were you talking to me?

Siobhan: Oh, yes. (nods)

Dondrelle: I’m deaf. I can’t hear you.

Siobhan: Oh.

Sakaela: Oh… I don’t know what she is saying. I’m going to go play with my friends. Bye!

Siobhan: Sakaela! Wait! Wait! Wait! Is that being a kind pixie friend? Let’s learn how to communicate with Dondrelle.

Sakaela: Oh. Okay…

Dondrelle: I’m deaf…I can’t hear you.

Siobhan: Sorry, Dondrelle. So, how do we talk to you? I haven’t learnt sign language just yet.

Dondrelle: Well, because I can’t hear anything, yelling my name to get my attention doesn’t work. You should gently tap me on the shoulder instead.

Siobhan: Okay. Like this? (Taps Dondrelle’s shoulder)

Dondrelle: Exactly!

Sakaela: Wait! Wait! Wait! Siobhan… if she can’t hear us, how come she is talking to us and answering our questions?

Dondrelle: Sakaela, I can lip read.

Sakaela: What did she say?

Siobhan: She said she can lip read and watch us say our words.

Dondrelle: Yes!

Sakaela: Oh. That’s pretty cool.

Siobhan: Dondrelle? If you could tell the kids on our website one thing, what would you like them to know?

Dondrelle: Just remember I cannot hear you, so I’m not being rude. I would love to talk to you and become friends, you just need to tap me gently on the shoulder. You need to be patient with me and try to understand what I am saying. It is hard for me to speak because I have never heard anyone say the words.

Siobhan: So you would like to tell them that you would love to speak to them even if you can’t hear them. You just need them to tap you on the shoulder gently to get your attention and then be patient, listen to you and try to understand what you are saying?

Sakaela: yeah… I can understand how it would be hard for you to speak, because you haven’t heard anyone say any words to you before. I think you’re doing a SPRIZZLETASTIC job!

Dondrelle: Thanks, Sakaela. You’re doing great understanding and listening to me, thank you.

Siobhan: And children.. maybe you would like to send in your ideas about how to be a good friend. Anyway, I’ll leave you two to talk to each other. I have to visit Queen Pearl and talk to her about some mischievous pixies.

Dondrelle: Bye Siobhan!

Sakaela: Bye!