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Queen Pearl

I like: helping new pixies find their way around Sprizzletania

I don’t like: when cheeky little pixies are naughty

My favourite food is: Raspberry and Watermelon Pie

My favourite colour is: gold (like my crown)

I am good at: playing Pixie Tennball and being a leader

I am not good at: remembering where I put my Magic Pearl Staff

One thing I find challenging is: trying to get King Jedrik to stop eating all the fairy floss!


Queen Pearl's Blog

“How to be a good friend”

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Hello. Do you know what it means to be a good friend?

I know that being a good friend is important in your human world. It’s also important here in Sprizzletania. All Our Pixie Friends are learning to be kind to each other and make everyone feel special and loved. They don’t always get it right. They make mistakes, just like you do, but they are trying to be kinder each day.

Many of Our Pixie Friends have medical issues that can make them feel sad or lonely sometimes. They don’t like it when they feel left out.

One day, Irabella, the Itchy Pixie, was having a really bad time with her eczema. Her skin was red and itchy. She had a rash that was really annoying her and when she scratched, it hurt. She tried putting her ointments on even though they felt uncomfortable. She was already feeling a bit sad, but unfortunately, one of the pixies said they didn’t want to hold her hand because it felt funny. Poor Irabella was so hurt and upset, that she ran to hide in the Fairy Floss Forest.

It just so happened that King Jedrik was in the forest, doing one of his favourite things – climbing the Fairy Floss trees (and eating them, I’ll bet) when he heard Irabella sobbing her little heart out. He climbed down from the tree and went over to her. She told him how sad and lonely she felt when no-one wanted to be her partner or hold her hand.

Well, King Jedrik and I went to Pixie School the next day and talked to all the little pixies about how we need to be kind to kids who are different. Never be mean or rude, never bully or hurt others. Just because someone has itchy skin, or needs to carry medicine with them, or needs a wheelchair, or speaks differently or looks different, it doesn’t matter. It’s good to be friends with them. Talk to them. Be kind to them. Let them play with you and your friends. They won’t bite!

Remember, each little pixie is special. Each little pixie has feelings. Each little pixie needs to have friends and know they are cared for and loved just the way they are.

Then Alvee spoke up. He admitted he was the one who’d hurt Irabella’s feelings. He said he didn’t mean to be nasty, but he was worried that he would catch her eczema if he touched her. Irabella laughed and said it was okay. You can’t ‘catch’ eczema.

After that, all the little pixies were very kind, and everyone was happy to hold Irabella’s hand next time in line. That made her so happy. She knew her friends were accepting her for who she was on the inside, not just what she looked like.

Has anyone ever hurt your feelings? Has someone left you out? Or have you ever hurt someone else’s feelings or left them out? Maybe you could talk to a grown-up about that. Or maybe you would like to draw or paint a picture of a time you felt sad and left out, or a time when your friends were kind to you. I would love you to share your ideas with me. Just remember not to put your real name on it, only your Pixie Friend name and check with a grown-up before you send it to me.

You can send it to our email address: [email protected]

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