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Mr Sneezy

I like: Being in nature.

I don’t like: Washing the butterfly chariot.

My favourite food is: Smiling strawberries from my garden.

My favourite colour is: Red.

I am good at: Designing things to make.

I am not good at: Finding my socks.

One thing I find challenging is: Patiently waiting while the pixies do their magic in the human world. I’d much rather be flying around exploring in the butterfly chariot.

Mr Sneezy's Blog

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Mr Sneezy: Good morning, Queen Pearl.

Queen Pearl: Good morning, Mr Sneezy. I’ve brought my special friends here today. They’re visiting us in Sprizzletania.

Mr Sneezy: Hi, children. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mr Sneezy, the keeper of the butterflies … and of course, those cheeky, khumbia pigs. I’ve been expecting you today. It’s lovely to meet you. How are you? Are you feeling nervous? Excited? Sad? Or happy? Yeah, I get that. Emotions are crazy! One minute you’re happy. Then something can happen to make you feel sad or nervous; then the next minute you’re really excited. Can I let you in on a little secret? That’s part of being human … and pixie of course. You know, even my butterflies have lots of different emotions, don’t you?

Butterfly: Yes, Mr Sneezy, that is right. I was really scared when the Triangular Map Monitor stopped working in the butterfly chariot and I thought we were lost forever.

Mr Sneezy: Queen Pearl, would you and the children like to come in to my log home and have some afternoon tea?

Queen Pearl: Oh, that would be lovely. Thank you, Mr Sneezy. Come along children.

Mr Sneezy: Maybe duck your head a bit… my house is a bit small, isn’t it? Well, you’re most welcome here. Would you like one of Paizo’s Star Cookies? He made them especially for you coming today, or maybe you would like some Smiling Strawberries from my garden. I also have Dewdrop Cookies, Watermelon Sweetzies and Fairy Floss Muffins.

Queen Pearl: Thank you, Mr Sneezy. These are absolutely delicious. Oh, Mr Sneezy. It looks like one of the children would like to ask you a question.

Mr Sneezy: Yes.

Child: What’s that?

Mr Sneezy: Oh, that’s Barty’s Cozipal. He must have left it here when he and Moondrop were playing with the khumbia pigs.

Child: A Cozi- What? What is it? What does it do?

Mr Sneezy: It’s a Cozipal. When Barty is worried, or sad, or lonely or even angry, he tells it how he is feeling and cuddles it to help him feel better. He plays with it when he is happy too, and it sits beside him when he is learning. Cozipals love learning new things.

Child: But it has no eyes.

Queen Pearl: It has no eyes, so it doesn’t care what you look like. It has ears to hear your worries, but no mouth to share your secrets.

Mr Sneezy: But if you have a big worry, you need to tell a grown-up.

Queen Pearl: That’s right, Mr Sneezy. It loves hanging around with you on your wrist and it lives on hugs and snuggles.

Child: That’s so cool.

Queen Pearl: Mr Sneezy, do you know any other strategies Barty and the other pixies use to help them feel calm?

Mr Sneezy: Well, one thing I taught Minksy to do is take deep breaths, even when you don’t feel like it. Let’s do some together. First, we breathe in … then we breathe out very slowly. Good. Let’s do that again. Breathe in … now slowly breathe out. Well done! Another thing you can do is listen to a meditation.

Queen Pearl: If you like listening to meditations, you can find them at the Fairy Floss Forest or at Minksy’s Magical Tree.

Mr Sneezy: One of Zizzy’s tricks is to squeeze your whole body tightly so your fists are clenched and your face is squeezed tightly. Hold it while you count to 10 in your head, then slowly relax your muscles from your head all the way down to your toes.

Queen Pearl: Oh, that’s a great one, Mr Sneezy. I often do that before I go to sleep. It helps me relax after my busy day. (Gasps.) Look at the time. I’m sorry children, but we’ll have to go. You need to be back home before I put the magical forcefield over Sprizzletania for the night. Thank you so much, Mr Sneezy. This has been so amazing!

Mr Sneezy: Maybe children, you could write or draw a picture of something you do to help yourself feel calm and send it to us.

Queen Pearl: Yes, we would love to hear from you. You could upload your stories into the Magical Library or send your pictures to us through the Art Gallery. That way, King Jedrik and I could send you a special thank you. Bye, Mr Sneezy. Thank you.

Mr Sneezy: Oh, you’re welcome. Bye Queen Pearl. Bye children.