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Zizzy the Wheezy Pixie

I like: races

I don’t like: having asthma attacks

My favourite foods are: fruit salad and noodle soup

My favourite colour is: yellow

I am good at: making people laugh

I am not good at: coding computers

One thing I find challenging is: working out how to do pixivision (a special type of pixie maths)

Zizzy's Blog

"Hospital Can Be Scary"

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Hi, I’m Zizzy and this is my blog.

Have you ever been to hospital? I have.

One day I couldn’t breathe very well, and my chest felt tight. When I tried to speak, I could only say a couple of words before I had to take another breath. I was puffed. I felt really scared and I worried about what was going to happen to me.

The first time I had asthma, I was racing Paizo. He was riding his flying horse, Cookie and I was flying with my pet bird, a Kaleidoo named Raindrop. Suddenly, I got wheezy and it was hard to breathe. I had to stop. Paizo called the flying ambulance. Tinker and Buzz came very quickly in their ambulance. They put a funny mask over my mouth and nose which was quite scary, but they told me it would help me breathe better … and they were right! Within a few minutes, I could breathe much easier.

They drove me to the hospital. I was a bit nervous, but it was also a bit exciting being in their ambulance, especially when we flew over the river past the Fairy Floss Forest. When I got to the hospital, Doctor Staroni listened to Tinker and Buzz as they told her what had happened to me. Then she listened to my chest with a special rope thing called a stethoscope. It didn’t hurt, but it was a bit cold. She told me I had asthma. Then she taught me how to use a puffer with a spacer.

Another day, I was with Queen Pearl, so I immediately went up to her and tugged her sleeve to get her attention. Then I said, “Queen… Pearl … I’m having… trouble … breathing.” She made me sit down right away and called an ambulance.

Now I know I need to take my puffer and I know it is going to help me breathe. I’m not scared any more.

Hey, maybe you could ask an adult to show you a YouTube video about how to use a puffer.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my blog. Why don’t you explore some more of Sprizzletania and listen to my friends’ blogs too? Or maybe you would like to write to me and tell me about a time you went to hospital in an ambulance. You can send it to me at [email protected] but make sure you check with a grown-up before you send it and put your own pixie name on it instead of your real name.

Zizzy's Videos

"Zizzy's Asthma Emergency"

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