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Wilferina the Wheelie Pixie

I like: Racing in my wheelchair.

I don’t like: Having to miss out on fun while I go to the Twisty Woo Hospital for my medical appointments.

My favourite food is: Sunset casserole.

My favourite colour is: Yellow.

I am good at: Doing magical gem art and wheelchair sports.

I am not good at: Doing pull-ups.

One thing I find challenging is: Waiting for my turn.

Wilferina's Blog

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Paizo: Hey, Wilferina, we’re doing a running race. Want to join us?

Sakaela: She can’t run, Paizo. She’s in a wheelchair.

Paizo: Oh, you’re right Sakaela, sorry Wilferina.

Wilferina: Well, I can’t run, but I can wheel. We all have different abilities and strengths and that’s what makes us so special. Being different is SPRIZZLETASTIC!

Sakaela: Oh, you’re right. Show us how fast you can go.

Paizo: Do you need me to push you?

Wilferina: No, that’s okay. I can wheel myself. See? I’m really fast! I can even do wheelies!

Paizo and Sakaela: Woah! Go Wilferina!

Wilferina: Thanks. Even though I might need to do things others don’t have to, like go in my wheelchair, I can still be a part of the activities. And, hey, I’ll bet I can beat you in our running race.

Sakaela: I don’t think so. I’m going to win.

Paizo: No way, I’ll beat bof of you! Remember ve rules vough – no flying or using magic to speed up, all right?

Sakaela and Wilferina: Okay.

Sakaela: We’ll go around the field twice. On your mark, get set … GO!

Paizo: I’m going to beat you.

Wilferina: No, you’re not!

Sakaela: I’m going to beat you both! One last lap.

Paizo: Oh, Wilferina … you won! Congratulations! That was sprizzletastic! You were so fast!

Wilferina (chuckles): Yeah, thanks Paizo.

Sakaela: Wow! You may not be able to run, but you are so fast.

Wilferina: Yeah, even though I’m in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean I cannot do anything or have fun with you. It doesn’t mean you need to leave me out. It just means I might need to do things a bit differently, like wheel instead of run.

Sakaela: Yeah, that’s true.

Paizo: And being a good friend means we need to accept vat, and help you join in.

Wilferina: Exactly.

Sakaela: I’m sorry I almost left you out. I just didn’t see a way you could join in.

Wilferina: That’s okay. If you’re not sure if I can join in, just ask me. There might be a way I can, but you won’t know unless you ask.

Paizo: That’s right. Is there a way you can play Pixie Ball with us?

Wilferina: Sure, but you might need to throw me the ball sometimes and pick it up if I accidentally drop it. Is that okay?

Paizo: Of course it is. Like you said, we all have different abilities, so let’s go and play.

Wilferina: Hey kids, why don’t you send us a picture or story about a time you were playing with your friends. You can upload it into the Magical Library or the Art Gallery, or just email us at [email protected]. We’d love to see it. Have a sprizzletastic day!

The Sprizzletastic Pixie Friends Song

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Our Pixie Friends are thinking of you.

Helping you be friends is what we do.

Say kind words and listen too.

Let’s be friends the whole day through.