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Minksy the Meltdown Pixie

I like: glittery things

I don’t like: vegetable pies

My favourite food is: maple syrup

My favourite colour is: green

I am good at: basketball and sport

I am not good at: controlling my meltdowns

One thing I find challenging is: stopping doing art when it’s time for bed

Minksy's Blog

“What it's like to have anxiety (that means worry a lot!)”

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Hello. I’m Minksy. Queen Pearl asked me to write this blog. I hope it’s okay. I’ve never done a blog before. I’m worried that it might not be good enough. Queen Pearl said whatever I write will be okay. She told me just to be honest about my anxiety.

Anxiety means I worry … a lot. I worry about little things that don’t bother the other pixies, but to me, they aren’t little things. For example, Paizo loves flying around on Fluffypan, his flying bunny. But I’m too scared to get on him. What if I fall off? What if he flies too high and he doesn’t come down when I want him to? What if I fall in the river and can’t swim to the edge? What if I land in the tree and …? See what I mean? My brain just keeps ticking over with worries. Sometimes it’s like a runaway train that I can’t stop. Paizo doesn’t even think about these things. He just jumps on his flying bunny and off he goes. I wish I could do that.

When I start to feel stressed, I have lots of strategies to help me calm down. Sometimes my stepmum wraps me in a soft blanket and pretends I’m a piece of bread. She plays rubbing the butter and jam on me. It tickles and I laugh.

But I can’t always have cuddles or be wrapped up, so I have a special Worry Kit that Sakaela gave me. It has special Magic Pixie Crystals in it. I also have fidget toys and a little piece of Pixie Blanket in my kit. When I am feeling worried, I take one of my things with me in my pocket. When I feel the fidget toy, I relax and tell myself that everything will be okay.

It was really hard for me when my Mum died. I missed her a lot. I still do. I often take out my photo of her and remind myself she is always with me, in my heart.

When I started Pixie School, my stepmum drew a picture of a heart, laminated it, and kissed it with bright red lipstick. It stayed in my bag, and if I was missing my family, I would take out the heart and press the lipstick kiss on my cheek. It reminded me that I was not alone. My family love me no matter where I am.

Now I’m older, I don’t need the heart in my bag any more. I have a cuddly worry bunny that I take to bed every night. I give it all my worries so I can forget them. When I fall asleep, the flying bunny takes all my worries away and then comes back to cuddle me.

Well, I hope my blog was okay. I’ll go and ask Queen Pearl.

If you would like to write to me, I’d like to hear about you. Are you a worrier? What ideas do you have to help me not worry so much? Make sure you ask your parent or carer before you send it to me. (I don’t want you to get into trouble.) Oh, and remember not to put your real name on it. Make up your very own pixie name.

You can send it to me by email:

[email protected]

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