The Cozipal Project: A Touch of Magic for Children in Need

The Cozipal Project is a beacon of hope for children who have endured the challenges of trauma. This endeavour extends support to diverse groups of children, encompassing those impacted by domestic violence, severe illness, war, and child abuse in foster care. Going beyond the provision of physical comfort, The Cozipal Project is a heartfelt initiative intricately crafted to instill a deep sense of support, understanding, and a touch of magic in children who have confronted various forms of trauma.

A Symbol of Comfort and Understanding

“The Cozipal” is the heart of our project, a meticulously crafted wrist-worn sensory toy designed for comforting children who have experienced trauma.It has no eyes so it doesn’t care what you look like, it has ears to hear your worries but no mouth to share your secrets (but if you have a big worry, you need to tell a grownup) and it lives on hugs and snuggles. 

Tailored Support for Different Age Groups

For our younger recipients, The Cozipal comes in a special pack with a children’s picture book titled “Minksy the Meltdown Pixie Helps Tommy,” an activity booklet, a ‘Thinking of You’ card signed by Our Pixie Friends, and another small activity booklet with mini pencils. Sponsors can add a personalised message. Priced at $45, these packs create a holistic experience for little ones.

Catering to older kids and teens, The Cozipal Project introduces the “Super Soft Sensorian,” a discreet sensory fidget tucked in a pocket or hidden up a sleeve. The Sensorian pack includes a mini ‘Thinking of You’ card with instructions, and sponsors can add a personalized message at no extra cost. Priced at $15, these packs offer a subtle yet impactful tool for older children.

Sponsorship: Make a Positive Impact by Sprinkling Pixie Magic in Our Community

The Cozipal Project nurtures a noble ambition to distribute over 1,000 packs to children in need, and it relies on sponsorships to achieve this heartfelt goal. Since March 2023, over 370 packs have already been distributed, showcasing the tangible impact of our community’s support. Sponsoring a pack empowers individuals to make a direct and positive impact on a child’s life, contributing to spreading joy and magic through the project.

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